Sanatorium Guest’s Guide

  1. It is expected of sanatorium guest to arrive on the day which is marked on their referral, preferably between 8 AM and 4 PM.
  2. There is a possibility to arrive at sanatorium the day before for an additional fee. A telephone call is required to set the arrangement..
  3. The sanatorium does not reserve rooms by guests requests. All rooms are allocated according to the order of the arrival to the sanatorium, taking into account the age of the guest. Married couples are allocated in double rooms.
  4. All sanatorium guests should bring the following::
    • referral for the treatment
    • medical records
    • Medications that are taken permanently (if the patient is suffering from chronic illnesses, should be provided with the amount of medicines that will be enough for the entire stay in the Sanatorium),
    • gymnastic outfit, sports shoes, toiletries and a towel.
  5. Treatments are prescribed by leading physicians and adapted to the conditions underlying the referral to the Sanatorium.
  6. All treatments, rooms and canteen are in one building.
  7. Each room has a bathroom with shower, hairdryer, kettle (we provide mugs), blanket and towel.
  8. A TV is available (for a fee).
  9. The Sanatorium has a paid unguarded car park.
  10. The Sanatorium provides round-the-clock meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  11. During the stay, excursions are organized for additional payment, including To Vilnius, Druskininkai, after the Suwalki region.
  12. Dismissing referrals to others is forbidden!
  1. All sanatorium guests are obliged to follow end obey the sanatorium rules and regulations.