Every day we prepare and serve healthy, tasty and fresh meals which can be consumed and enjoyed at a beautiful view looking out the window.

Experienced chefs and certified nutritionists are concerned about the quality of the menu, and they also care for a healthy and balanced diet of each sanatorium guest. In our dining room you will find tasty dishes of traditional home cooking. In addition, we offer a variety of diets, which we will also prepare at your request.

The restaurant daily serves regular meals for sanatorium guests:

  • Breakfast at 8:30
  • Dinner at 14:00
  • Supper at 18:00

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Sanatorium  Augustów „Pałac na wodzie” Falkowski to nowoczesne sanatorium zlokalizowane w województwie podlaskim w Augustowie nad brzegiem rzeki Netta, w pobliżu jeziora Necko. Malownicza okolica   oraz unikalny mikroklimat stanowi doskonałe miejsce do wypoczynku i powrotu do zdrowia.