Falkowski sanatorium Augustow “Palace on the water” provides a wide range of outpatient rehabilitation services. We have a contract with the National Health Fund for the following services:

  • Rehabilitation clinic – referral to the Rehabilitation Clinic is issued by a health insurance physician, the referral is not the same as referral for a series of procedures.
  • Physiotherapy room – physiotherapy is performed on the basis of an order issued by a rehabilitation physician or another specialist, in one treatment cycle the National Health Fund finances up to 10 days of treatment, no more than 5 treatments per day.
  • Department of Rehabilitation Daily – referral to the Department of Rehabilitation Daily is issued by a physician or another specialist physician, the duration of systemic rehabilitation is from 15 to 30 days of treatment, on average 5 physiotherapeutic treatments per day.

Within the framework of rehabilitation we have at your disposal:

  • Massage room;
  • Kinesistherapy room equipped with: UGUL, rotors for the exercises of the upper and lower limbs, ladders and mattresses, rehabilitation table, etc .;
  • Magnetotherapy and diathermy cabinets equipped with magnetotherapy and pulse high frequency electromagnetic fields;
  • Hydrotherapy room equipped with a lower leg swirl massage bath and a massage bathtub for upper limbs;
  • Laser therapy, electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy kit equipped with ultrasound kit, laser biostimulation kit, portable electrotherapy kit and IR / UV lamp;
  • Cryotherapy room equipped with cryostimulator set with nitrogen vapor.


It is possible to arrange an appointment by telephone.

Tel. 87 3070049
Mobile phone +48 534 297 210